Team Bieber: Who joined Drake’s community this week? 🙈

Anonymous asked: chachi is directioner and belieber?



so i guess this makes it official??

Anonymous asked: Hi, you know let me know the twitter of chachi?

this was sent two months ago.. omg but whatever

Anonymous asked: xzdc,ms;sdczn,cdvca;sadcvsavlaa

omg whaT

Thank you broadway sweets for all the candy! 
Ya'll are amazing!
Anonymous asked: Do you know Chachi's ring size? Please reply if you know because I'm going to her workshop soon and I want to give her one as gift! Not a really expensive one, just something from American eagle etc :) it would mean a lot if you replied! Thanks! <3

im so sorry this is probably super late! we don’t know chachi’s ring size but she’s very petite in general so im guessing she’s a small? idk

My foreign hair…. Don’t care